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Hello, Welcome to my “Hearts for Chocolate Campaign” blog site!

I am Lucy Beal, MS, NCC, FPC—America’s Optimism Coach, author, speaker and founder of the Hearts for Chocolate Campaign.  Our Campaign’s mission is to educate, inform and inspire men and women about the health benefits of high antioxidant consumption, more specifically, sharing the research and science of chocolate as being effective in supporting and protecting the body’s systems and function.  Yes, I am participating in the Xocai Chocolate movement because healthy chocolate products have offered amazing results for my own family’s health and wellness.

If you are interested in learning more about Xocai Healthy Chocolate, please feel free to send me a note from my contact page.

Feel free to browse the research and science of chocolate by visiting our Hearts for Chocolate Campaign home page at http://heartsforchocolate.info

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “Every 25 seconds, someone in America suffers a coronary event.” We are grateful for your visit to our blog site today. Our sincere hope is that your own ‘heart for chocolate’ feels inspired to share this message with someone you know or love. Thank you!